What am I doing with my Soul? Part IV

Howdy folks,

Continuing the discussion over the Emperor’s words, here’s the final installment (the final bit I wrote in class last week) where I do exactly what I ask of my troops.



The smallest bunch; most driven given the circumstances. Unafraid to ask questions, especially given the material. Clarification never hurts, especially when introspection is the order of the day. This drive to ask questions in and outside of class; it will serve them well. Asking questions in class takes a certain moxy, the guts to possibly be wrong and ridiculed by one’s peers – introspection is no different. Of course we’ll be wrong or frightened the first time we look inside the darkness of the Cave. How horrifying it is to examine ourselves under the light of explication, our exigence in question as we wrestle in the dark with the Self. How fearful, then, this exercise of writing to understand, to question one’s Self in the hopes of achieving clarity. Unlikely, then, for this to be the a-ha! moment so many people never seek out, but at least it is a step in the right direction. We must begin somewhere – why not the classroom? As I’ve said, understanding the Self is tantamount for living a Good Life. Setbacks and misdirection will occur as they oft due, but the path toward the Self remains straight ahead. Even in our darkest moments, we can still stumble forward and that is still progress. Whether it is a foot or a mile, we must keep moving forward, toward the very purpose that goads us onward. What, then, am I doing with my Soul? Why – what my nature requires, of course! To draw forth the ignorant into the Light, letting them bask in self-revelation before they too must answer the very question for themselves. Some will continue; others will become stagnant. But I remain assured in my purpose and my Soul. Granted, I have age and experience on my side, but I also had a mentor who wasn’t afraid to ask the tough questions of his pupils. It’s his fault, really; I was content once upon a time. But I wasn’t Alive. The seeds took some years to take root, years to sprout, and years to blossom, but the self-revelatory process has been one for the better. I am Good, despite my faults, and I know that because I was set upon the very same path you’re now walking. You will flounder. You will suffer. And you will stumble. But, goddammit all, you will eventually understand. Know yourself; walk the path. Love the fact that you’ll be Alive.

Author: Bruno

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