What am I doing with my Soul? Part II

Howdy folks,

Building off of the last post, here’s the second part. Here we are attempting to answer the Emperor’s question: what am I doing with my Soul? I had all of my English classes write a response, the better able to understand themselves via self-reflection. But, like a good captain, I will bivouac in the same muck as my troops.



Round Two and the scratch scratch scratch of pen upon paper reverberates to the temp of Vivaldi and Bach. This group – how they groaned when the Emperor’s words graced the screen. “My soul?” came a few hushed responses, those teenagers who wallow in doubt and wade in discord. A tough question – absolutely – but one to encourage that spark of self-reflection that so very needs kindling. We cannot live – truly Live – without encouraging this internal furnace. But care must be taken lest we overload the boilers and destroy ourselves through false promises and fake paths – enlightenment isn’t easy. But Chaos can be tamed; the Natural response to Order. Everything has purpose and we must determine what is ours. Failure to do so only obstructs growth and harmony; hence this writing and critical thinking exercise. If Life were easy and ordered, there’d be no need for the classroom. And yet, here we are. All of us – myself included – having a go at the question. So, what are you doing with your Soul? Most will respond in religious terms, preparing the way for the Almighty. Some will be purely secular. Others will be confrontational in their rhetoric (and I urge them to do so) for argument breeds understanding. It is too easy to accept things as is or as delivered; a keener mind will not be satisfied until every last why is answered in full. This, of course, takes time; a luxury lost upon most people. To be given Life only to squander it on distractions and temptations (no one gives a shit about your truck, kid). How many have died without ever having lived? Yet here – in the classroom – the first steps are taken toward enlightenment and understanding. I see tears, hear the barely audible whimpers – how soft! – of those who have entered the hallowed path and become upset with Knowledge. It isn’t easy; anything but. But embracing these fears, looking past their shadows to reveal the light source, that’s what this is about. We have a purpose – all of us – and any who fail to acknowledge this simple fact of logos is a fool and coward. Gnash your teeth, wail to the heavens, and cry into the abyss defying your purpose, but it remains so: everyone has a purpose. Our souls, then, become our legacy and tending to it is one facet of our purpose. Know yourself; everything else is secondary. Know your soul; that is your purpose.

Author: Bruno

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