Change We Can Believe In

Hey there folks,

No doubt many of you are wondering – my long-time friends, family, and my newer readers – what in blazes I’m getting myself into these days. Forgive the radio silence, family and friends, trying to contact me or waiting for a call. To borrow an iconic line from President Obama, “Aaaaah, let me be clear! (hand waves about needlessly) Change is good!”

Fret not; this post has nothing to do with politics.

No, this post is a recap of my past month; a retelling of the shenanigans and string pulling your erstwhile Monkey has been getting himself into. Machinations, ahoy!

As you know, comrades, I finished up mission trip duties in Chile late last month – add that to the list of things I’m supposed to write about. And fret you not, the Limping Along Series will continue. Just hear me out foremost. Profound and enlightening that entire experience was, due to international law and other jibber jabber, I had to make my way back to the United States.

As I reread this – for pseudo-editing purposes, you understand – that last line makes me sound as if I violated some Chilean law or another. Ha.

Anyway, I had a week of time in the States before heading to Mexico for the sister’s wedding. In that one week, I managed to do the following:

– Surprise the local comrades by attending a shindig, then drunkenly explain the meat and potatoes of this post;

– Attend my nephew’s baptism as the very proud and dumbstruck godfather (Funny anecdote – I had one line and completely blanked on what I was supposed to say);

Much proud. Such baby. Baptism. Wow.

– Service the Jeep (the Green Menace): new battery, tire, engine, and fluid maintenance;

– Completely pack the Green Menace with all of my material possessions;

Red wunz go fasta, but dis wun id still kunningly brutal. WAAAGH!

– Bid farewell to dear Lovington and make my way towards Albuquerque in pursuit of the next chapter;

Got a bitchin’ haircut (ladies, please; contain thyselves and form a neat, single-file line to the left);

– Set up shop at my brother’s pad, using it as my base of operations for the next two weeks.

Yes, comrades, I have officially moved from Lovington. Again.

Many of my Lovington and Hobbs friends were unaware of the move or my machinations – simply put: loose lips sink ships. All this talk about moving is a great way to jinx it, and as a good, superstitious Catholic, I wasn’t about to invite that juju into my head. “I’ll believe it when I see it,” she said, and lo!

Here I am.

New Mexico is absurdly beautiful in her simplicity.

Indeed, comrades of all calibers, as I made my way towards Mexico, I was already searching for dwellings in the Albuquerque area. In the few days I was in my brother’s place afore departing for drunken, international shenanigans, feelers for lodgings and work were already returning polite nibbles. Seems like my move, though planned only in my head and without much outside input, was already bearing fruit.

I spent about six days in Mexico before returning to the States where I promptly picked up where I had left off: finding full-time employment and lodgings. Despite being a self-loathing writer, I cannot pen a resume to save my Life; subsequently, I enlisted the help of a very capable and talented young marketer to help keep my arrogance in check. And how did she deliver!

Last week was devoted entirely to the computer (sadly) but was wholly necessary for the future to manifest (gratefully). My tech writing gig welcomed me back from sabbatical and immediately gave me a list of assignments to focus upon. No problem – I’m employed and making money to fund this chapter. Not only that, but being forced to sit in front of the computer allowed me to register on a number of job boards; the resume has been sent to a smattering of posted jobs already.

And wouldn’t you know it? One of these posted jobs has granted me an interview for the coming Monday. Not bad for being a wandering, chaotic mess.

But what of an apartment, I can hear my mother inquiring. You can’t stay with your brother forever! Mother, please! That is more sorted than the hat.

As of today, I officially move into my new digs – close enough to my brother’s place to emergency babysit on the fly.

And I certainly don’t mind babysitting this rugrat.

And, dear reader, this is the first place – in my entire Life – I will have to myself.

Seriously. No roommates. First time. Ever. I’ve always had to share with my siblings, high school roommates (military school), college dorm room, former lovers, adult bros, and one token female of the non-lover variety.

Imagine my excitement, then, as I realize I get to decorate things how I wish. To juxtapose and arrange according to my tastes. To put all my goofy shit on the walls and not hear the incessant bitching of ruining the fung shui of a dull, white wall. For once in my Life, I get to be selfish with my pad.

I’ve been daydreaming of which bookcase to build.

Now multiply that excitement tenfold: the apartment office upgraded me (at no additional charge) to a larger place because the promised dwelling wasn’t ready in time. More walls to decorate! More places to hang goofy shit! Enough space to make a study!

Sometimes even memes are spot on.

A study, yes! To hell with our generation’s ubiquitous man cave – what point does that serve? The spare room gifted to me will not be wasted on video games, electronics, or banal pursuits. Imagine, reader, a small apartment room just filled with books. A room dedicated to knowledge. Ah, how fortunate I am to be presented with such a treat. As we say, the Camino provides.

It has been quite a busy month for me, your humble nomad, but things are beginning to manifest in a shape oddly resembling a solid future. From the dusty sands of Lovington to the beaches of Mexico, from the confines of the interwebs to the mountains of Albuquerque, this month has been one of great change.

Change, especially of this caliber, is not a bad thing. Sure, some things will take some getting used to, and rarely does a plan hold up for long when exposed to reality, but the fact remains: I made a promise to myself to leave my comfort zone and pursue a new thread. It’s been draining, expensive, exhaustive, dogged, and fuzzier more than a few times. Yet.

Here I am.

To the future, comrades. Thanks for reading.

And if you’re ever in the Albuquerque area – friends, family, readers – you always have a place to stay with me.

Author: Bruno

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8 thoughts on “Change We Can Believe In”

  1. Hi Bruno, You’d better get over here. We have books and makings for bookcases galore. Kent’s building one right now. Plus, if you are in need of kitchen things — well, we’ve got extras of those, too.


    1. I just might have to swing by then! My brother and I are going to tour the local flea markets and garage sales tomorrow; should be a hoot.


  2. Bruno!!! I’m in the Albuquerque area Nov 15-20 for the crane festival in Socorro. Do you think if I come a day early and snug up in your book room I’ll learn something by osmosis? Perhaps not, but at least we’d get to chat the evening away. I’ll be recently returned from my October sojourn in Spain with stories to tell. Would be lovely to see you again!


  3. Bruno: Somehow I’m not surprised that you own a Jeep Cherokee. Looks like a 2000 or 2001. I’ve owned three myself, mostly first rides for my kids. Never paid more than $2000 for any of them. One was stolen – twice. Each of them was totaled for a value greater than what I paid for them. My best investment was $1200 for my ’87 which I traded in under the “cash for clunkers” program and got $4500. Best government program ever.
    But, as you say, I digress. I’d definitely like to get coffee or a beer when I’m in ABQ over Labor Day. Please send me another email at when you get a chance.


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